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Online overdraft MilliyOn

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Overdraft is a type of loan that a bank provides to a customer’s current salary card. When there is a lack of own funds for the payment and the purchase, the payment involves open credit limit. Subsequently, the money received in the account is written off to pay the debt.

Online overdraft differs. This does not require certificate of salary, documents to be submitted to the bank and waiting in the queue. It is enough to remotely apply through the Milliy Mobile Application. The bank will automatically decide. You can use your regular salary card to make purchases on the same day, even if there is no enough money.

What are the advantages of the online overdraft?

First, it is very convenient. You do not need a dozen cards. The salary card will act as a debit and credit card, if necessary. Moreover, you can save money for rainy day.

Second, it is fast. You can apply at any time and anywhere using your mobile phone and get approval within minutes.

Third, it is easy to do.  The bank does not require work reference or guarantors to confirm solvency, but will calculate the limit based on the salary received on the card. You will save time and nerves.

Fourth, it is profitable. Interest will be accrued only on the amount that you used for the limit account, and only for the days of actual use. There are no hidden charges. You can borrow from the bank for an unlimited number of times.

Additional advantages of the overdraft

  • simple service and prompt drawing up;

  • you can use the overdraft at any time;

  • it does not require guarantors and pledge drawing up;

  • it does not a credit card: the limit will be opened for your salary card;

  • you can spend money on any consumer needs;

  • the debt is repaid automatically if money is credited to the card;

  • if you do not use the overdraft limit on the card, then you do not spend your credit;

  • when repaying debt, you form your favorable credit history.


Who can use the online overdraft?

Online overdraft is provided to plastic cards of employees of enterprises and organizations serviced by NBU JSC as part of salary projects

Terms of loan

For individuals holding the HUMO plastic card for a salary project in the National Bank:

  • Term – 12 months;

  • Percent per annum – 24%;

  • Period of grace – 2 months;

  • Amount of loan – up to 3-fold average wage received on a plastic card. Maximum amount – UZS 5.0 million.

Loan arrangements

MilliyOn Online Overdraft Loan is provided remotely through the mobile application. Over the past three months, the salary and equivalent funds should be continuously accrued on the HUMO plastic card held by the loan recipient.

Calculate the amount of credit you will be able to get
Loan Period
Grace period
Down Payment
Calculation type
Commission for credit organization
Insurance payment
Other services

Payment schedule

Month Principal debt The interest on the loan Total repayment amount Balance
Total cost of the loan: %

The calculation is preliminary.
The exact amount of the monthly payment will be determined by the Bank based on the results of the consideration of the application

The calculations are made on the basis of the data provided and may differ from the calculations made in the bank
Monthly income 0 sum
Expenses 0 sum
Monthly fee 0 sum
Available loan amount 0 sum
Maximum amount for a credit product 5000000 sum

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