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Mortgage loan

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Terms of loan

1. Conditions for mortgage loan allocated according to Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-6186 dated March 11, 2021 on Additional Measures to Provide the Population with Housing Through Mortgage Loans Based on Market Principles 

  • Loan Purpose - purchase of housing, construction of housing, reconstruction

  • Loan Source - funds of the Ministry of Finance

  • Borrower requirements - citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan over 18 and under 60 years old.

  • Loan Period - 20 years.

  • Grace Period - 6 months.

  • Loan interest - 18%.

  • Down payment - at least 15% of the cost of the apartment.

  • Type of payment - annuity or differentiated payment

  • Maximum loan amount;
    In rural areas: up to UZS 238.0 million
    In cities: up to UZS 309.4 million
    In Tashkent: up to UZS 339.15 million

For persons who have received a notification of the grant

  • To cover part of the down payment, grants amounted to 10 % of the estimated cost of housing.

  • The state budget allocates grant to cover the part of the interest rate, which has exceeded the 10th percentage point (12th percentage point in Tashkent) over the past five years.

The down payment and grant allocated to cover the part of the interest payments are paid in cases when the area and price of the purchased apartment do not exceed the maximum standard and the calculated cost of housing.


If you have any questions in relation to the construction and reconstruction of private property, please contact any branch of our bank in any region, except for Tashkent city.

2. Mortgage loan provided at the expense of own funds of NBU JSC:

Mortgage loan for construction, reconstruction and purchase of housing.

  • Loan period: 120 months (the grace period is up to 24 months);

  • Interest rate:
    25% of the housing cost as a down payment - 24% per annum;
    30% of the housing cost as a down payment - 23% per annum;
    40% of the housing cost as a down payment - 21% per annum.

Required documents
  • Copy of the borrower's and co-borrower's passports;
  • Income Certificate of the borrower and co-borrower;
  • Contract signed with a construction contractor for the purchase of housing on the primary market;
  • A copy of the document confirming the ownership of private housing or an apartment in a multi-storey building on the secondary market;
  • Certificate of Down Payment transferred to the deposit account, which is issued for the borrower;
  • Design & Estimate Documentation and Expert Opinion prepared by a design organization that has a special license for the construction and reconstruction of private property;
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Payment schedule

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The calculation is preliminary.
The exact amount of the monthly payment will be determined by the Bank based on the results of the consideration of the application

The calculations are made on the basis of the data provided and may differ from the calculations made in the bank
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Monthly fee 0 sum
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Maximum amount for a credit product 352000000 sum

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