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Horticulture support
Loans and financing terms to support enterprises engaged in processing and exporting fruits and vegetables

Loans to Replenish Working Capital
This loan is intended to replenish working capital of enterprises cultivating fruits and vegetables that have signed a trilateral agreement with the Khokimiyats, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Term of loan
not more than 18 months;
Grace period
not more than 6 months;
Interest rate
23% per annum
Loans to Purchase Fixed Assets
This loan is intended to purchase fixed assets, including refrigeration warehouse and greenhouse equipment.
Term of loan
not more than 7 years
Grace period
not more than 24 months
Loans in national currency
23% per annum
In foreign currency through the credit line of foreign banks and international financial institutions
7.99% per annum
Loan amount
The amount depends on producing capacity of the fruit and vegetable cluster, financial viability of the project and the cost of contract concluded by the cluster
Credits provided in the national currency, in cash
The purchase of agricultural products to business entities (legal entities) engaged in the export of agricultural products and included to the list formed by the regional departments of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan if they have no overdue debts on previously issued loans, as well as problems with repayment of previously received credits. The regional departments of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan must provide guarantee letters to the bank for each credit application of a business entity, the exporter.
Term of loan
no more than 90 days
Grace period
not available
Interest rate
23% per annum
Loan amount
It is set based on the indicators specified in the business plan of exporting business entities that include an actual forecast of cash flows sufficient for repayment of the credit after deducting all mandatory expenses over the next 3 months, as well as based on the export contracts with a sales volume established by the business plan.
To support entrepreneurs, provide advice, training during the implementation of the project and eliminate the difficulties that arise during the implementation of the project, “Centers for the development of the service sector” have been opened in each branch of National Bank JSC.
Financing terms of projects "Organization of a modern greenhouse"
  • Project initiator’s accounts must be opened in the system of JSC National Bank of Uzbekistan;
  • Project initiator’s financial position have to be stable with regular cash flows via accounts;
  • As collateral must be provided liquid pledge covering at least 125% of credit amount;
  • In order to share the project implementation risk with borrower, financing cost of contracts/agreements (at least 30%) must be carried out at the expense of the potential borrower’s funds as an advance payment;
  • Providing additional security in the form of a guarantee of a financially stable enterprise with a constant cash flow in order to minimize the risk of loan default;
  • Using the services of qualified agronomists with international experience within the framework of the project;
  • The greenhouse area must be at least 4 hectares (when exporting agricultural products grown in greenhouses with an area of less than 4 hectares, it is unable to load the truck (with carrying capacity of 25-30 tons) and it is non-compliant with sorting (calibration) requirements, as well as not covering other sales costs);
  • Modern greenhouse should be of generation “5” and above (this generation is characterized by the compatibility of the regions of the republic with natural and climatic conditions, completely covered with special glass, maintaining the same set temperature in winter and summer, resistance to natural disasters (especially resistant to strong winds streams (wind speed 130 m/h));
  • Project initiator have to insure harvest grown in greenhouse

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